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The Alpha Post

So, I’ve decided to finally post my comics on their own website. I currently have the existing comics posted under their original dates. So, right now it looks like this site hasn’t been updated since October. This will be fixed soon… :)

Also, this site will be host to my personal blog (you are reading it now), links to cool places, my resume, etc. If you like what I have, please bookmark this site and register an account so that you may post your own comments to my comics and blog posts!

Have a wonderful day!

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Users signing up with Hotmail or MSN emails.

You may not receive your temporary password to login. Go ahead and sign up, and if you don’t receive your password, email me at I will reset your password with a temporary. I will email you back with the new password.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Stupid M$.

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Bulletin Board for This Site

Well, I attempted to install phpBB on my site so that you guys have a place to BS and post whatever you want. However, I had some issues with it. I am trying to use a phpBB MOD called WP-United. It is supposed to allow me to integrate the WordPress user accounts (that would be you! :) ) into phpBB. That way, you wouldn’t have to create more than one account. Everything went great… but two things happened:

First, the comics wouldn’t display! I’m sure this can be fixed easily, but…

Secondly, phpBB stopped working! ARG!

Anyway… I brought the site back from a backup. I will attempt it again tomorrow when it isn’t 1AM.

Sorry for the geeky info.. let me know if you are experiencing any issues with my site. This is the “Backup” hehe.

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