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Continuing the Easter Island Phase…

I took a self portrait with a mini moai statue. Completely random.

Enjoy!Mini Moai

From Melting Snow to All Out Blizzard


Even after the 10 minutes of brushing the snow off, it took another 15 for the ice on my windows to melt.

Gotta love Wyoming.. :)

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Incase You Are A StarCraft Fan…

Check this out:

It is a reveal video of the Zerg race for StarCraft 2. It is amazing… *drools*


Another Task to Add to My List..

So, I am now working on a Committee to elect a State House Representative. I am the Webmaster/Photographer for the committee. Anyway, the guy running is my friend Joe Barbuto. He is running for District 48. I’m kind of excited to do this. :)

Here is the website location:

I think I may register another domain like and also point it to the site. :)

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