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Bill Clinton Visits Our Humble Town

Anyway… Just for the record, I do not have a favorite out of the candidates for President yet. However, I still know a good opportunity to take photos of someone famous.

Bill Clinton traveled to Riverton, Rock Springs, and Laramie, Wyoming to promote Hillary’s campaign. While his speech was great, I still haven’t made my decision. :)

Thanks to my friend Joe Barbuto, I was able to get access to the press riser. Joe is working for the Hillary campaign and made the event possible.

Anyway, this post isn’t about a bunch of writing. It is about the photos! Here they are:


Another Task to Add to My List..

So, I am now working on a Committee to elect a State House Representative. I am the Webmaster/Photographer for the committee. Anyway, the guy running is my friend Joe Barbuto. He is running for District 48. I’m kind of excited to do this. :)

Here is the website location:

I think I may register another domain like and also point it to the site. :)

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