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Hello everyone! Some of you may know that I am involved in a local Fantasy/Sci-Fi convention at Western Wyoming Community College. I am helping run it, I will have a booth, and I will also be presenting 2 or 3 panel discussion/hands-on stuff.

Anyway, I came up with a poster for it and here it is (click for larger):


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The Return of The Squeeks

Hello all,

I know it has been awhile… (since April, jeez) since I’ve last updated this site. The Squeeks are still around, and so am I. I have been extremely busy with work and campaigning.

“Campaigning?” you ask? Yes. Since May, I have been working on running for City Council. It has taken a lot of my time, and it still is.

Lately, I have been getting the urge to start drawing the web comic again and finish my comic book. I am probably going to have some help from friends on the webcomic. So, you will be seeing a lot of Squeeks that are not in my style.

I have had nothing but great feedback and support for my little characters. They have been a hit among all of you, and I hope to continue bringing them to you. Hopefully, on a more frequent basis.

With that, I will be drawing some strips over the next couple of weeks. So, expect them to return by the end of September.

Thanks, and God Speed. :)

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Website Changes

As of this post, it is obvious I lost the CSS to the website. My mistake. Oops.

I will copy it back if I can find the backup. If not, I guess I will make a new one. :)

Anyway, it is nice to be back. Sorry for the lack up comics. I have been busy in my life, and I feel like I have let many people down. Squeeks WILL return. I promise.

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Almost Forgot

The comic is a couple of days late. I have promised myself I would draw one for every Friday. I’m glad I remembered this time, but I will get the next one finished on time. :)

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