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Being Rejected, Playing Video Games, and Watching Movies

This past weekend was awesome! I hosted a small LAN party Thursday and Friday, and got to play Call of Duty 4 and Burnout Paradise Demo on our new big screen/sound system at the White Mountain Library. It was so much fun, then a few of my friends and I hooked up a Xbox 360 up to it on Saturday night and played some Halo 3. Oorah! :) Then, Sunday night we watched Night at the Museum and Super Troopers. It was amazing, just sitting in the large meeting room watching a movie, eating junk food, and BS’ing with my buds. Hell ya!

Well, speaking of the being rejected part… I asked a girl out on Friday. Anyway, this girl works at Starbucks. I went in that morning and got a White Mocha. The girl that waited on me pointed out that I need a Starbucks card since I was in there so much. I told her I had one, but I forgot to bring it. Well, she told me to bring it next time. So…. 3-4 hours later, I went back and got my normal Cinnamon Dolce Latte. She was there again to take my order.. She said, “Are you going to come back to see me again before I get off?” Now, doesn’t that sound like a flirt to you? It did to me. :)

Guess what I did? I went back for a third drink, and I got that White Mocha again (pretty tasty). Well she was there, and she made my drink this time. Still flirty as always. Anyway, I finally grew a pair and asked her what she was doing later that night. Her first words were, “What am I doing tonight? [pause] Oh! I’m married..” That was a sock in the stomach. Oh, and THEN she said, “and I have a kid too..” OUCH! :) Well, she proceeded to talk to me though and wasn’t acting like a bitch or anything. I will have to say though, at least I was rejected for a good reason. I actually walked away from that one happy that I had the guts to do it!

See ladies? Just be nice, and it wouldn’t be so hard for us to ask. Don’t blow us off or give us the, “I don’t know,” or the “maybe” answers. Get to the point!

Anyway, have a great New Year!

P.S. I am still single!

Website Changes

As of this post, it is obvious I lost the CSS to the website. My mistake. Oops.

I will copy it back if I can find the backup. If not, I guess I will make a new one. :)

Anyway, it is nice to be back. Sorry for the lack up comics. I have been busy in my life, and I feel like I have let many people down. Squeeks WILL return. I promise.

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