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Comic Book #1 Announcement

Hey everyone! I started on my first comic book. It will finish off the Nemesis story that I left you off with Part 4. Although the squeeks have no dialog, there will be a narrative. It would be an extreme challenge for me as well as the reader to comprehend what the hell is going on. :)

Anyway, it will be titled, “The Squeeks: Nemesis”

Original… isn’t it? haha.

Here is some teaser artwork featuring Nestor-Squeek:


More Teaser Artwork

This is Xclamation squeek in “The Squeeks: Nemesis”


Nemesis Preview

Here is the second page of the comic book. Enjoy!! :)


Nemesis Comic Book: Behind the Scenes Video #1

Just a little taste of what is to come. :)

Updates, or Lack Thereof

Well, the drawing of squeeks are in full force. However, not in strip form. Lately I have been drawing the pages for the comic book. In fact, I have drawn 14 pages this weekend. I have also colored two of them (coloring takes a lot of time).

Anyway, I am attempting to finish the comic book within the week. I’m not sure if that is going to happen, but I am going to try. The length of the comic book has grown from 28 pages to 32. I just couldn’t fit the whole “story” in 28 pages…

As far as comic strips go… I am going to try and draw one up for the next week. It won’t look pretty… haha.

I wish time grew on trees.

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Nemesis Comic Book: Behind the Scenes Video 2

Comic Book Logo / Book Preview

Cross your fingers! I just submitted the order to get some preview comic books printed in time for SageCon. I am not sure if they will be printed in time… If they don’t, I’ll be a sad panda.. :(

The preview comic is a 7-page preview of Nemesis. The 8th page is basically a “to be continued” page, but still contains original artwork for page 8. Kinda cool huh? Well, I think so. hehe.

Anyway, below is the logo for the comic book. I think I am going to stick with the same font for future books, but I’m not sure yet. Enjoy!


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