About David

Well, let’s see here. My name is David Halter. I was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming on July 13, 1984. I still live in Rock Springs, and I am a Technology Coordinator for the local Library System. I graduated from Western Wyoming Community College with an Associates in Arts in 2008.

I have many hobbies. I obviously like technology, and I mess with all kinds of computer equipment. I dabble in everything from programming, hardware, web design, networking, etc.

I am a professional photographer on the side, and I love to go out and shoot photos. I have traveled to Easter Island, and have over 2000 photos from that trip. I have photos from Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. I shoot both digital and film, and mainly use Canon equipment.

I like radio controlled vehicles. I have a Team Losi LST, an Associated Electrics RC10-T, and a Team Losi Mini-T. I only get to play with those a few months out of the year, but it is very fun.

I like to game as well. I have played many, many, PC games. My favorite PC games are Conquest of the New World, StarCraft, Warcraft 3, and the Command and Conquer series. I also have a Playstation 3, and I play that most of the time since it is more convenient. I host LAN Parties at the White Mountain Library every month, and it brings more than 50 people each night. So far, our largest LAN was over 80! I am proud of that.

Finally, by visiting my website, you have probably figured out that I like drawing comics. This is my newest hobby, and I hope it continues to grow. I enjoy doing it, and I have seemed to attract many Squeek fans. Thanks!

Well, that is me in a nutshell. It is a quick run-down, and I will expand on this page more in the future. Please continue to visit my site for more stuff!

Have a wonderful day!