Spam, and Dr. Seuss

Hello everyone!

Did you think I died or something? I haven’t posted for awhile. I have been extremely busy with class work and such. It also doesn’t help that I keep leaving my sketchbook places that aren’t convenient.. (eg. my car, work, etc.)

Anyway, I logged in earlier this morning to discover I had about 50 new comments. WOW. It was spam… They were able to post it via blog trackbacks. Since, I don’t give a hoot for those, I just disabled them. I also blocked the IP that was posting them. Hooray!

So, to leave you all with a pleasant post, I took a picture of myself with a Dr. Seuss hat.

(disclaimer: I am not responsible for the physical/mental health effects this image may cause.)


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  1. how is something in your car inconvenient? last i checked, you went just about everywhere with your car… now if you left it in your OTHER car, like i happened to do on occasion when driving two cars…

    and uh… that’s kinda a creepy pic mate. i think the cold is starting to get to ya. you should come to arizona :)