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Continuing the Easter Island Phase…

I took a self portrait with a mini moai statue. Completely random.

Enjoy!Mini Moai

More Teaser Artwork

This is Xclamation squeek in “The Squeeks: Nemesis”


Nemesis Preview

Here is the second page of the comic book. Enjoy!! :)


From Melting Snow to All Out Blizzard


Even after the 10 minutes of brushing the snow off, it took another 15 for the ice on my windows to melt.

Gotta love Wyoming.. :)

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New Banner

I’ve come up with a banner for this website. REALLY simple, but I think it gets the point across. hehe.



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Laziness or Distraction?

So.. notice the next comic hasn’t been posted? Well there are a couple good reasons why.

Reason #1: Got a new computer. Essentially a new CPU, Mobo, and memory (THANKS CHRIS!)  I formatted my hard drive. Need to install Photoshop again…

Reason #2: Found a couple addicting games. Peggle Extreme and Audiosurf. Oh yeah baby.

Anyway… no excuses.. sorry. :) I have the initial artwork finished and inked already. Just need to scan and color. Hopefully I will have it done sometime tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great President’s Day weekend. Back to work.. :P

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