Snowbirds: Day 2, The Briefing

Snowbirds: Day 2, The Briefing

Well, it’s about damn time… right? :) Sorry for being late on the last couple comics. I blame it on the Holidays. I will be more prepared next time. I promise!

Anyway, this one was a lot of fun to compile. I drew the comic at my house sitting on the recliner, but then my friend invited me to her house to watch a movie. I brought my laptop with me to finish the comic. Well, I started to work on it, and everyone crowded around me to watch me color and put it together. Instead of watching a movie, they watched me! :)

It was nice to have an audience, and I think, in the future, I am going to record myself drawing the comics and post those as well. Probably on Youtube. Yay!

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!!

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  1. skinnyblondedude111 says:

    I’ll have some of what the dude on the left is having….kthxbye

  2. Nestor2k says:

    Nathan Gomez? wtf? haha.

    Yeah, that was fun to draw hehe.

  3. i agree that would be way neat if you had audio commentary on youtube. The Sqeeks are just so cute. Good night.

  4. i likes the idea of recording a comic in the making, myself…