Stupid Drivers

Stupid Drivers

Don’t you just hate it when people piss you off on the road? Well, it happens in the vastness of space too…

Notice the squeek in the “El-Tonto” space ship is a girl.

Let the flaming begin!

Notice: I have discovered a few flaws in this comic.. Can you point them out? :P (I must have been rushing on this one… hehe)

Discussion (7)¬

  1. miniwyo says:

    Man… I have some FRCs at home if you want them…….

  2. Nestor2k says:

    Haha.. I don’t have many women visitors, so I think I can manage.. :P

  3. PureSunShine919 says:

    Hey watch your mouth! Or fingers as it were, I am NOT a bad driver… damn it :p

  4. haha, i love messing with people like that, yapping on the phone, doing makeup, whatever.. guy or girl. usually the swerve (like you’re heating your tires up, see F1 racing/nascar for example) works when they’re tailgating you, or dropping a few gears if they’re beside you… nothing like a little ls1 running through open pipes to make a yapper hard to hear! =P

  5. Nestor2k says:

    Hehe. Well, most of the teenage grils around here treat the local streets as interstates. Seriously, the speed limit is 35, and they go 60 WHILE talking on the phone. I’ll go that fast just to pass someone, but not on a continual basis. :)

  6. i remember man… people are retarded here too, and there’s more of them, but the percentage of stupid drivers here is significantly lower. go figure, huh? =P

  7. miniwyo says:

    I just noticed a flaw….. The wrench on the squeek’s shirt changes directions in the first 2 frames.