Nemesis, Part 4

Nemesis, Part 4

It is here! Part 4 to the Nemesis story line. However, this is the LAST strip for this story. The rest of this story will be told by another medium… perhaps… a book? :)

I think Nemesis deserves more than a strip. A four part strip is pushing it. From now on, I am going to keep my limit to 4 parts or less. However, a majority will probably be 2 parters.

Anyway, I am sorry part 4 wasn’t very exciting. It was crucial to include this piece of the story, and I figured the next step in the story would be a good way to start Chapter 1 in the book. Let’s say, parts 1-4 are the prologue.

Have an excellent weekend!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. i like the reflection of the nemesis in the third frame… dum dum dum… haha.

  2. junktext says:

    Oh wow, I just noticed that after looking at it a second time! Very cool effect!