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The Alpha Post

So, I’ve decided to finally post my comics on their own website. I currently have the existing comics posted under their original dates. So, right now it looks like this site hasn’t been updated since October. This will be fixed soon… :)

Also, this site will be host to my personal blog (you are reading it now), links to cool places, my resume, etc. If you like what I have, please bookmark this site and register an account so that you may post your own comments to my comics and blog posts!

Have a wonderful day!

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You may not receive your temporary password to login. Go ahead and sign up, and if you don’t receive your password, email me at I will reset your password with a temporary. I will email you back with the new password.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Stupid M$.

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Season’s Greetings!


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Are You A Gamer?

I normally host LAN parties as a Library Event, but for December I am hosting one as a personal invite. If you would like to attend my LAN party for December, it will be at the White Mountain Library on the 27th and 28th. It is a Thursday and a Friday night. Bring whatever you want to play. Just make sure you bring a power strip, LAN cable, and your own food and drink. Since it is at the library, alcohol is not permitted.. Sorry guys.

Anyway, you may bring friends. I’m not making this uber secret or anything. I just want to have a fun LAN party without worrying about all the advertising mess. :)

Have a great day!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, then next comic will be posted tonight or tomorrow sometime.)

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Merry Christmas!

Well, in case I am not online on Christmas, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday! Rip those presents open like you stole it from a little boy with a wooden leg! :P


Anyway, drink up the egg nog!

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